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What The Junk Removers Services Include

What The Junk Removers Can Take

Here at The Junk Removers, we provide a professional service removing all nonhazardous materials from homes and businesses.

This includes rental properties, offices, retail locations, business locations, and constructions sites. Just about anywhere there’s junk. Our friendly teams show–up ready to work hauling all your junk, debris, trash, or garbage out of your way so you can reclaim your space.
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Proper Methods of Recycling Old Tires

More than 1.3 billion tires are sold each year. That’s a lot of tires and a lot of waste. About 60 percent of those tires are purchased to replace existing tires. Nearly 800 million tires are discarded in some fashion every year. Now, whether they are disposed of properly is another question entirely.

Turn the clock back twenty years and about 10% of all discarded tires were safely recycled. The rest of the tires were thrown in yards, ditches, and dumpsters. Most landfills refused to take tires. Those that did usually burned the tires, which is terrible for the environment and people living nearby.
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Safe Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Do you end up throwing out a lot of hazardous waste like thermometers, light bulbs, batteries, left over paint, and cleaning chemicals? You may be breaking local laws, and harming your local environment. First, understand what the problem is with careless disposal of hazardous waste, then learn what you can do about it!

Unsafe Disposal of Hazardous Household Waste

Your local landfill maybe an open landfill. That means that any toxic materials from household waste can seep back into the environment through water or ground. These days, there are proper closed landfills for the safe disposal of hazardous waste, but that may not be where your neighborhood garbage truck is headed.
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Is Your Home A Hazardous Waste Dumpsite?

You maybe thinking a hazardous waste dumpsite? … NO WAY! But if you have unwanted piles of “junk” around your yard and home they maybe more hazardous then you realize. For you, the homeowner, it could end up being dangerous to your health to clean up the mess on your own. Let’s take a look at some of the precautions that you need to take when cleaning up an unknown pile of garbage.

One of the nastiest things that people find on their property is dead animals, or food waste. These will be in some stage of rot and decay and are sure to have plenty of maggots, roaches, bacteria and other incredibly gross smelly things mixed in. In fact, most likely you’ll know immediately, as soon as you see the garbage the smell will overwhelm you. Believe it or not, those ugly maggots and cockroaches won’t hurt you, but the bacteria that has infected the food could harbor many different kinds of diseases that could enter cuts in your skin, and make you sick. In most cases, if the smell is strong when you get there, it’s probably best to call a professional trash removal team to come take care of this problem for you.
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