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Get Your Home Market Ready

Get Your Home Market Ready

When a house is put on the market, the main goal is to make sure it’s as attractive as possible to potential buyers. One of the most cost-efficient ways to gussy up your home is to clean it thoroughly.

Are you getting ready to sell a house?  Here are some quick cleaning tips for getting your home market ready:
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Declutter for Summer

Declutter For Summer

It is a well known fact that clutter in the home or office is often linked to stress, depression, and ill mental and physical health.  Being overworked and too rushed to bring order and organization into your life leads to a messy living space. Not only can this make things harder to find, but it can actually affect your mental and emotional well being.

Now that the summer months are upon us, things get a bit more busy than usual. The kids are home, there are more demands from your job, and vacations need to be planned and worked around.
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kitchen cleanout

The Kitchen Clean Out

The first and most important step in getting rid of unwanted junk and clutter is taking the time to really figure out what needs to go.  Before you give The Junk Removers a call to haul away your unwanted junk, give organizing a try.

Junk removal is an important step in the overall organization of your home, and the best place to start in in the kitchen.
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professional removers

10 Reasons To Hire Professional Junk Removers

Winter is supposed to be coming to a close with Spring on its way, but here in New England you’d never know it. Despite the frigid cold we are experiencing now, our natural instincts are telling us that it’s the time of year to get organized and clean-up in preparation for the return of warmer weather.

Once that sunny weather does appear, who wants to be stuck inside trying to finish up their Spring Cleaning?  Perhaps this year you should start your Spring Cleaning a bit early. That way you won’t have to worry about it once the sun decides to show up, and you can finally spend your time out-of-doors.

Be ready to go out and play when the time comes! Here are our top 10 reasons to hire professional junk removers for Spring Cleaning:
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how to declutter before moving

How to Declutter Before Moving

A well planned move will always go better than a last-minute panic.  Most moving companies suggest that it is best to begin planning your move at least two months before your move date.  Why?  Because moving can be one of the most stressful periods of your life – especially if you haven’t planned it properly.

You do have options when it comes to moving.  Some options involve more work than others.  Some options involve more money than others.  The following tips will help lay out the options available to you in order to determine how much money you’re willing to trade for a given amount of work (and vice versa).  Here’s how to declutter before moving:
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