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staying junk free

5 Tips For Staying Junk Free

It seems that everyone is running around keeping busy nowadays, so it can be difficult to make sure you keep your home and yard free of junk and clutter. With such busy schedules, it’s a good idea to cultivate a few good habits that will help you keep things clean, neat, and organized.

If you can dedicate one or two hours per month to work on reducing the junk and clutter from your living space, you’ll soon find that you save quite a substantial amount of time in the long run. Take a look at these 5 tips for staying junk free:
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clutter and junk removal

Remove Junk and Clutter Before Your Holiday Guests Arrive

There are plenty of times when we notice that our homes are looking a little bit cluttered around the holidays. One of the reasons that we tend to notice the junk and clutter around this time of year is that we know we will be entertaining friends and family during the holidays. This often means that it is time to scramble to clean up our homes in order to make it presentable for any guests who might arrive.

The clutter that we have in our homes is often the result of things we’ve accumulated over the summer months. The kids are home from school, we don’t have to worry about many visitors popping over, and vacations leave us too tired to worry about whether or not we’ve remembered to properly put away our junk. All that clutter can accumulate rather quickly, making it more and more difficult to get things cleared out and ready for company. Sometimes the clutter can become downright overwhelming, and it might become difficult to know how to begin the cleaning process.
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