Declutter for Summer

Declutter For Summer

It is a well known fact that clutter in the home or office is often linked to stress, depression, and ill mental and physical health.  Being overworked and too rushed to bring order and organization into your life leads to a messy living space. Not only can this make things harder to find, but it can actually affect your mental and emotional well being.

Now that the summer months are upon us, things get a bit more busy than usual. The kids are home, there are more demands from your job, and vacations need to be planned and worked around.
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5 Things In Your Junk Pile That Are Recyclable

Is this you? You’ve collected so much stuff in your “no longer use” pile that you decide it’s high-time you get it all out of there.

You start to go through the items in your pile to decide what you might want to try and sell, what is trash, and what you’d like to donate. There’s actually a whole other category that is overlooked far too often, which is the “what is recyclable?” pile.
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kitchen cleanout

The Kitchen Clean Out

The first and most important step in getting rid of unwanted junk and clutter is taking the time to really figure out what needs to go.  Before you give The Junk Removers a call to haul away your unwanted junk, give organizing a try.

Junk removal is an important step in the overall organization of your home, and the best place to start in in the kitchen.
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top 10

Top 10 Reasons To Recycle

We all know we should be recycling.  We all know that doing so helps extend the life and usefulness of something that has already served its initial purpose by producing something that can be used again.

Just about everything we see around us can be recycled, though various materials will require different techniques throughout the repurposing process. Recyclable materials include biodegradable waste, clothing, electronics, garments, glass, metals, paper, plastics and much, much more.
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illegal dumping

The Cost Of Illegal Dumping

Who Pays For Illegal Dumping?  The answer might surprise you…

You do.  We all do. Illegal dumping affects the entire community as a whole, and the cost of cleanup falls back on everyone. Each year, a portion of our tax dollars are specifically allocated to clean up illegal dumping. These tax dollars are resources which could otherwise be going toward healthier school lunches, cost-free preschool programs, road and bridge work, or even back to you as the tax payer.

Someone needs to clean up the mess caused by illegal dumping, and that task ultimately falls upon the local municipal government.
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